Sales & Warehouse

If you sell many products and have several warehouses? Chose Alpha Start. How can Alpha Start help you manage your Inventory?

  • Control inventory movements with more than 20 detailed reports, categorizes per warehouse, supplier, product or product group, various time periods etc.
  • Record unlimited number of products with full details about : code/barcode, product group, up to two measuring units, VAT level, suppliers as well as additional detail for net weight, product origin etc.
  • Automatically record in accounting all inventory transactions.
  • Quickly record all goods issued or entered in the warehouse.
  • Automatically import data from an excel format i.e product lists, goods entry/issued from the warehouse etc.

If you own a store or a market with several Points of Sales? Chose Alpha POS. How can Alpha POS help you manage your sales?

  • Quickly record sales using a touchscreen device, or simply a keyboard or a mouse.
  • Integrate Alpha POS with all fiscal printers, electronic scales, optical reader and display devices.
  • Work with customer cards for collecting points.
  • Generate and print barcodes and product prices.
  • Assign product prices and automatically view them in the sales invoice.
  • View all information for customers and suppliers at the moment of sale.

If you have many points of sale, stores in different locations and want to control all points in one system? Chose AlphaWeb Start. How can AlphaWeb Start help you manage your Points of Sale?

  • Control and view transactions at all points of sale with a simple internet connection.
  • Record the full cycle of purchases/sales: purchase/sale request, purchase/sale offers, purchase/sale order, purchase/sale invoice.
  • Record many transactions simultaneously while recording a product sale: automatic invoice payment, add new products directly at the sales invoice, select several warehouses in one invoice etc.
  • Customize documents formats as needed.
  • Create personalizes reports with Business Intelligence Module.