Pharmacy & Distributors

If you need a simple software for managing your pharmacy? Choose Alpha Pharmacy. Why do you need Alpha Pharmacy?

  • Alpha Pharmacy is designed in accordance with ISKSH (Institute of Health Care Insurance) legislation and database.
  • Control Inventory Levels for all medicaments and distinctive ones as well as warehouse movement for different time periods
  • Default list of reimbursement medicaments updated with 56 new medicaments according to the new list of April 2014.
  • Quickly record all prescriptions for medicaments with or without reimbursement.
  • Quickly record purchases of drugs from pharmaceutical distributors with easy control of obligations towards them.
  • Is integrated with all printers, optical readers, fiscal printers etc.

If you need a complete software for managing your pharmaceutical distribution? Choose Alpha Pharma. Why do you need Alpha Pharma?

  • Generate reports for medicaments with or without Reimbursement: standard reimbursement reports, sales/purchases of medicaments, inventory reports, payments on sales invoices etc.
  • Reports Module offers several filter options for
    • Sales per given: time period, product, pharmacy etc.
    • Medicaments per given: quantity, expiration date, low inventory medicaments etc
    • All reports can be exported in different formats.
  • The software provides the updates list of medicaments with reimbursement, patients and doctors list, reimbursement categories etc.
  • Is integrated with all printers, optical readers, fiscal printers etc.
  • Record full information for Medicaments: code/barcode; series number, expiration date, reimbursement level, VAT for certain medicaments, main unit (tablet/ampule etc.) and secondary unit (package, blister) etc.

If you have several users that need to work simultaneously with the software, Alpha Pharma:

  • Can be installed in a network of computers for users can work independently.
  • With the Payroll Module you can manage all company payroll, employee cards, salary components, reductions, overtime etc.

If you produce medicaments, Alpha Pharma:

  • Offers a Production Module that provides functions for managing all production workflow: from raw material, product costs, inventory control for raw materials, production process analysis, accounting etc.