For a financial software for a public institution (Ministry, Municipality, Regional Directorate etc.) choose AlphaWeb Buxhetor. Why AlphaWeb Buxhetor?

  • AlphaWeb Buxhetor is in accordance with the current legislation for budgetary institutions (accounting, payment orders, goods movement from the warehouse, payroll etc.)
  • Generate the standard required reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow, General Ledger – as well as other detailed reports for purchases, payments, transaction with treasury board, inventory etc.
  • Quickly records all daily transactions including; invoices, payments, payment orders, inventory movements, payroll etc.
  • Offers functions of budget planning and monitoring.
  • Offers functions to manage the human resources of the institution and generate official reports for the Institute of Health Care Insurance and Social Services Office.
  • Keep track of inventory and long-term assets.

How can AlphaWeb Buxhetor help coordinate the central institution with its sub units?

  • It connects the main institution with its sub units, who record their daily trsnactions independently form each other.
  • Main Institutions receive timely information over the activity of the sub units, by monitoring accounting transactions, expenditures, budgets, planning, analyses and various other comprehensive and comparative reports.
  • Sub Units generate various reports for their financial situation and other managerial reports.
  • System Administrators monitor user transactions for both the main institution and sub units.

How can AlphaWeb Buxhetor help you manage the various projects of yout NGO or NPO? Cost Center module provides analytical accounting functions for distributing income and expenses, highlighting and comparing performance for each cost center. In this module:

  • You can setup cost center units and view transactions for each unit.
  • You can keep up to 5 sublevels within a Cost Center.
  • You can automatically distribute income and expenses for each cost center base on the cost structure, amount or percentage assigned to each unit.
  • You can find several reports and notifications.