For medium to large companies

  • Web-Business

    AlphaWeb Business

    AlphaWeb Business is a complete financial software for medium to big sized businesses. It offers full control of your business in order to help you make the right decisions.

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  • Business

    Alpha Business

    Alpha Business is a financial software for medium to big sized businesses. It helps you manage your finances, customers and your whole business.

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  • Listpagesa

    AlphaWeb HR & Payroll

    AlphaWeb Payroll allows you to manage the payroll, employee data, salary’s components, insurances, returns and more.

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  • Water-Bill

    Alpha Water Bill

    Program for full computerization of water supply and sewerage enterprises. Automatizes the billing process.

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  • Pharma

    Alpha Pharma

    Alpha Pharma is used to control and monitor the activity of pharmaceutical warehouses. Specific analytical reports are generated about drugs.

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  • Web-Buxhetor

    AlphaWEB Budgetary

    The financial program is designed to entirely manage the daily activity of budgetary institutions and their subordinate entities.

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