ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

For banks, corporations, state institutions or other organization with a high degree of complexity, choose AlphaWeb Business. Some of the main characteristics of an organization that needs AlphawWeb Business:

  • Have a complex administrative structure with divisions and subdivisions, several departments, and many employees.
  • Make use of different software solutions (sales, payroll, finance etc.)
  • Strive for adequate information and comprehensive reports for all business processes.
  • The finance office continues to manually record many transaction and build reports.
  • Strive to integrate together data for sales, customers and inventory.
  • To upgrade all the separate systems takes a lot of time and cost.

Why choose AlphaWeb Business?

  • Build in the same technology as other well-known ERP systems.
  • Integrates in single system the database, all business functions: sales and purchases cycles, services, system personalization, financial data, production processes, HR etc.
  • Managers receive at all-time a clear image of business activity, as well as the rest of employees receive any information they need.
  • With a unified database system, the work of accounting and finance becomes more effective, with automatic accounting schemes and quickly generated standard reports.
  • Sales module is complete, follow the whole process of its (supply / demand / sales order), integrated with maintaining inventory, invoices automatic liquidation, accounting, customer tracking, taking online orders, etc.
  • Offers a full Sales Module to follow the complete sales cycle (request, offer, sales order). It is integrated with inventory, automatic payments of invoices, accounting, online orders etc.
  • Can be personalized as needed; all recording formats, report filters and formats, main system interface etc.

Software Modules:

  • Purchases/Sales
  • Inventory
  • Cash/Bank
  • Accounting
  • Administration
  • Production
  • HR
  • Cost Centers
  • Assets and Amortization