Billing & CRM

Alpha Water Bill is a software for full management of Utility Companies. Why Alpha Water Bill?

  • Is in compliance with the legislation and completely in Albanian language.
  • You can quickly record all readings for individual and group meters.
  • You can customize the software by simplifying or adding functions as needed.
  • Many formats are customized to the specifics of water utility companies: water bill (measures consumption, tariff, contracts, sewerage tariff etc)

It is made of 5 components: Billing, Accounting, CRM, GIS-Assets, Web-Payments and reports:

  • Billing – automatically generates water bills based on defined tariffs, consumptions, over dues, other services such as maintenance cleaning, sewerage, etc.
  • CRM – identification and monitoring of claims and costumer complaints according to administrative units.
  • GIS-Assets – Enables the identification of the position of assets in a digital map, such as pipes, water pipe joints, water columns, fountains etc.
  • Web-Payments – enables full transparency to consumers by posting online analytical bills and financial obligations.
  • Accounting – automatic accounting of payments, obligations, payroll, cost centers, assets etc.
  • Reports – generates reports for customer obligations, payments, prepayments etc.

What are the benefits for Water Utility Companies?

  • Reduces Billing and Reporting time therefore increasing the effectiveness.
  • The quick generation of bills and their online display improves customer service.
  • The automation of the entire system avoids human error, increases the effectiveness of employees by improving their working conditions.
  • Improved control and management of the enterprise due to professional reporting.
  • Can be integrated with other applications or external devices such as digital meters.