AlphaWeb Start is the easiest accounting software for small and medium size businesses. It helps you manage your finances, customers, suppliers, inventory and your official financial reports. It works completely online from any device with an internet connection.

  • Facilitates communication and collaboration between remote branches.
  • Uses the same technology as Banks for secure online transactions.
  • Provides automatic backups.
  • Provides automatic updates.
Suitable for: Small sized businesses with commerce activities and few transactions.

Main Modules: Reports, Accounting, Inventory, Purchases and Sales, Customers and Suppliers, Cash and Bank.

Provided Services: Unlimited Online technical assistance.

Key Features

Easy to Setup and Start Running

AlphaWeb Star is easy to setup and start running. There is no installation required.

  • With AlphaWeb you can work online from anywhere and your data are always secure. All you need is an internet connection.
  • You can manage various users in the system and assign their system rights as needed according to their position or hierarchy in the company.
  • You can easily control all actions and records made in the system at any time.
  • You can quickly import data for customer, products or services data with a simple Excel/CSV file.

Manage your Customers and Sales

Manage your customers, product/services sales and payments all in one place.

  • Fully manage sales and purchases cycle with: purchase/sales request, purchase/sales offer, and purchase/sales order.
  • Record with one click sales, purchases, cash payments, bank payments, requests/offers/invoices.
  • Automatically generate reports from recording sales, purchases and payments.
  • Automatically reflect changes in inventory from recording sales and purchases.

Understand how your business is performing

AlphaWeb Start provides several default financial and managerial reports that allow you to understand and analyze the performance of your business.

  • Control business performance with official financial reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow etc.
  • Easily manage remote branches. With AlphaWeb you can easily collaborate and control remote points of sale, warehouses etc.
  • Customize software according to your needs. All registration interfaces and financial and managerial reports are easily customizable.
  • Follow business performance with Business Intelligence Module. With this module, in addition to the default reports, you can create custom reports for sales, purchases, inventory, accounting etc.