This module of AlphaWEB allows you to manage the payroll, employee data, salary’s components, insurances, returns etc. This program is the right one for medium and large companies with a relatively large number of employees.

  • Automatically generates official forms of reports required by tax authorities.
  • It is built according to the Albanian legislation on social and health insurance.
  • Payrolls are automatically accounted.
  • Can configure the payroll components according to the company policies.
  • Provide employment history.
Suitable for: medium and large businesses, with a significant number of employees.

Base module: Payroll.

Offered service: module implementation, configuration based on the company needs, technical support.

Key Functions


Flexible and customizable

You can choose your own layout, configure the payroll components according to your policy and you can add/remove the fields you need more/less.


Generates reports in the official format and other summary statements for every single employee or for a specific department or for the company as a whole.

Managing employees’ data

Every single employee has his record inside the company and you can organize a structure of the entire company where every employee is linked with the department that he actually works for.

Our offer consists in:

Running the program, configuring different areas and roles, technical support via phone, email or other online tools, employees training, free automatic updates, help center.