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AlphaWEB Business

AlphaWEB Business is the most completed financial program for managing large businesses and enterprises with a complex work structure. It’s suitable for specific companies such as banks, institutions and budget entities as well as private businesses which have a well-structured work organization. Contains all the modules that AlphaWEB has and allow the company to follow analytically the process of purchase, sale, production, human resources etc.


Flexibility and customization

It is noted for its flexibility and customization in every section (reports forms, filters, layout and more). Every company can choose and save what fits more.




As the most completed financial program, AlphaWEB Business contains all three grades of modules, with their respective specifics:

  • Base modules: Inventory, Customers and Suppliers, Purchases and Sales, Reports, Administration, Accounting.
  • Additional modules: Cost centers, Assets, Human Resources, Production, Transfer.
  • Advanced modules: Approvals, Authorizations, Reservations and Business Intelligence

Reports and analysis

Reports give you a full view of the activity at any time, helping the company to make the right decisions at the right time. Reports are reflected in tabular and graphical form, with three types of filters and can be exported in Excel, pdf.



Approval module

It helps the company to standardize job procedures according to the employee hierarchy. This module consists in delegating the tasks for approval, in cases where standard working procedures require an approval by a manager or member of a higher hierarchy.


Business Intelligence module

Business Intelligence is useful to regroup data by emphasizing the user’s desired information. Reports for this specific module, are very flexible and with a lot of different filters.



Checking data online

With AlphaWEB Business, program users can check their data online at any time. This requires only an internet line with a public IP.


The administration module provides functions that can customize the program according to the company requirements regarding articles, customers, suppliers, accounts, documentation, users. In this module new users are opened and their right are defined by the administrator, which can monitor every single activity that occurs. Also new companies, units, departments can be opened, using this module.



The accounting module contains functions for managing the documentation and accounting operations of the company (recording transactions in an account sheet, memorizing account schemes etc) and generates standard accounting reports. Accounts can be modified, added and deleted.



The third module gives to the company the possibility of keeping inventories physically and following them from the purchase moment (entry stock, warehouse movements) until they are sold. The responsible user receive a notification each time there is a shortage in the inventory. This module also provides the reassessment of the inventory and cost distribution process.


This module is used to manage the articles and their quantity, in order to match the demand of the market. May also block a quantity of goods for which the current state is higher than market needs are. This quantity can be used in a second moment. This option is available even for items that are not physically in the warehouse but will be there later.


Purchases and sales


Through this module you can generate various reports, configure customers and suppliers folders, record easily the whole sales cycle, customize sales documents and more.

Cash and bank


The cash and bank module is useful to manage the business liquidity. Using this module, you can open a cash/bank unit, generate different reports, record receipts, payments, non-refundable bills and more.


Human resources


It’s one of the most completed and flexible modules of all. Allows you to manage the payroll, employee data, salary’s components, insurances, returns and automatically generate official forms of reports required by tax authorities. Payroll components can be configured easily according to the company policies.


The production module enable the company to track and control the whole process. You can enter data about the resources, activities and raw materials that will be involved in the production. Also you can plan your production activity, configure recipes and define the stages of the process.



Cost centers

The Cost Center Module offers the opportunity to maintain analytical accounting of cost centers, helping   to make the right decisions. This feature includes default cost center schemes that facilitates the accounts distribution and recording the amounts movement from one cost center to another.


It is useful to manage the company’s assets. The amortization rules can be defined by the admin user and completed reports can be viewed or downloaded about the specific state for every article and asset