The financial program is designed to entirely manage the daily activity of budgetary institutions and their subordinate entities. Using AlphaWEB Budgetary allows you to generate financial reports, account documents automatically, monitor spending units, budgets, plans, studies and keep track of fundraising.

  • Quickly generate different reports. (purchase and receipts reports, treasury transactions).
  • Enables real-time communication between subordinate units.
  • Facilitates the employees’ work by being a customizable program.
  • Monitor actions and records in the archive system with accuracy and transparency.
  • Keeps track of every fund movement.
Suitable for: budgetary institutions and their subordinate entities.

Main modules: reports, accounting, inventories, assets, purchases, payroll, liquidity..

Offered service: program implementation, configuration of user’s rights, technical assistance via phone, email and other online tools.

Key Functions

Simple and flexible.

AlphaWEB Budgetary has a very relaxing interface and fits in easily with the institutions activity. It works online and you need only an internet connection to save all your data and activity. You can customize your layout, control and monitor every information and also import or export CSV/Excel files.

Manage your assets and inventory

Check your warehouse inventory, reevaluate your articles, calculate automatically the amortization in two parallel plans etc.

Control your purchases and suppliers

Users can register easily all the purchases through a complete cycle of documents: purchase request, purchase offer, purchase order, etc.

Administer institution employees and their payroll.

AlphaWEB Budgetary contains even the payroll module that allows you to manage the payroll, employee data, salary’s components, insurances, returns etc. and automatically generate official forms of reports required by tax authorities.

Document accounting

Automatically generate all financial books (purchase, sale, bank, inventory, accounting etc), update the opening and closing actions of the exercise year based on the exchange rate effect and leaving the user space even to take manual actions.