Alpha Start is an easy to use financial software for small size businesses. It helps you manage your daily commerce and financial transactions.

  • Control your business performance with a variety of reports.
  • Quickly Record sales and expenses.
  • Easily Control Inventory Movements.
  • Manage Customers and Suppliers.
  • Easily create accounting documents.
Suitable for: Small sized businesses with commerce activities and few transactions.

Main Modules: Reports, Accounting, Inventory, Purchases and Sales, Customers and Suppliers, Cash and Bank.

Provided Services: Software Installation, Training, and technical assistance to start working with the program. Free Users Manuals and Video Tutorials.

Key Features

Quickly and easily record daily documents and transactions.

With Alpha Start you can fully manage all daily commercial transactions.

  • Sales/Purchase Invoices with Customs Import Documents
  • Warehouse Documents (Goods Receipt and Goods Issue from the warehouse)
  • Cash and Bank Payments
  • Default Forms for recording all documents with auto fill options.

Easily Manage Inventory

Alpha Start you can manage and control all inventory movements.

  • Check all goods issue and receipts from the warehouse according to article’s group, subgroup or code.
  • Easily manage orders with notification for low inventory stock.
  • Use various cost methods to recalculate articles cost.
  • Automatically reflect changes in inventory from recording sales and purchases.

Manage Purchases/Sales Cycle

In the Purchases and Sales Module you can manage all transactions with customers, sales, purchases, suppliers.

  • Record and quickly receive all needed information regarding customers and suppliers.
  • Follow sales performance with flexible reports.
  • Automatically fill comprehensive sales/purchases reports, customers and suppliers files.
  • Match sales invoices with sales orders, payments and goods issue or receipts from the warehouse.
  • Receive notification for maturity of invoices and customer obligations.

Easily record accounting documents

Alpha Start automatically records accounting transactions (with default accounting schemes) for each article, customer, supplier, administration unit etc.

Monitor User Transactions in the System

In Administration Module, you can assign monitor all user transactions:

  • Assign transaction rights to record, to correct or simply view transactions.
  • Assign module rights to access price, accounting, administration units etc.

Understand your business performance

Reports Module generate official formats for Accounting Reports as well as a wide range of other managerial and performance reports:

  • Official Formats: Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow etc.
  • Reports for Inventory, Sales, Purchases, Customers and Suppliers
  • Reports for transactions in cash, bank, accounting etc.
  • All reports can be exported in Excel and other formats.


Technical Requirements

  • Alpha Start works in a LAN network
  • Can be installed online or with CD
  • Operating System: Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Processor: Minimal requirement Dual Core 2GHZ, 4GB Ram (8GB optimal)
  • Software Database: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise (full), Sql Server 2008 R2 Standard/Enterprise
  • Integration: with all printers, electronic commercial scales, optical reads, fiscal printers etc.