Alpha Softwares

Alpha Software have been present in the Albanian market for over 20 years. Here is a short timeline of the various developed software and their evolution.

Years of Experience

AlphaWeb Series

AlphaWeb Series AlphaWeb Series includes a number of software solutions built as web applications. This package is suited to the latest business needs with its flexible structure and ease of use. With AlphaWeb users work from anywhere with an internet connection, and solves any communication problems with remote branches. AlphaWeb can also be installed in an internal LAN and work as a desktop software. It works in all operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, Linuc) as well as on smartphones and tablets.
This Series includes the following Softwares:

AlphaWeb Start

Online Accounting Software, for small and medium sized businesses.

AlphaWeb Business

Full Financial Software for medium to large sized companies.

AlphaWeb Buxhetor

Full Financial Software for Public Institutions.

Alpha Platinum Series

 Alpha Platinum Alpha Platinum marked a new level of software development for IMB. It was designed with a modular and flexible structure based on the latest technology of its time. Alpha Platinum substituted completely the previous Alpha Net series which went out of sale from 2007.
Platinum Series was further enriched with solutions to meet the specific requirements of different industries. This series offered for the first time default financial reports with the new national accounting standards as well as managerial reports. Alpha Platinum was designed to be an “easy ERP” with flexible and customizable functions. This Series includes:

Alpha Start

For relatively small size businesses

Alpha Business

For medium to large size businesses

Alpha Buxhetor

For public Institutions

Alpha Pharma

For pharmaceutical distributors

Alpha POS

For stores and supermarkets

Alpha Farmaci

For Pharmacy’s

Other Alpha Softwares

 Special Alpha Solutions developed between 1998-2005 in response to market needs.

Alpha Shop

For shops and warehouses without accounting functions

Alpha Net Buxhetor

For public institutions

Alpha Resto-Bar

For bars and restaurants

Alpha Billing

In two versions for telecoms and utilities

Alpha Personeli

For staff management

Alpha PMR

For Project Management

Alpha Net

 Alpha Net – was launched in 1999 in response to the market need for a network software. It was built by transferrin “Kontabiliteti Alpha” functions from an access database to an MS SQL one. It also included many fixes and new functions. Its main feature was security and the administration module for managing user rights.

“Kontabiliteti Alpha” – was the first software launched in 1997. It is also the first Albanian accounting software based on Windows Platform. “Kontabiliteti Alpha” became quickly widespread with Albanian Businesses because it was easy to use and offered a wide range of functions. Modules of Payroll, productions, cost centers, asset amortization etc were integrated for the first time in a single Albanian software. It also was the first software that worked in three languages: Albanian, English and Italian. From 1997 till 2010 “Kontabiliteti Alpha” was continuously updated with new functions to feed the increasing needs of Albanian businesses. As there are still today users of “Kontabiliteti Alpha” it’s the finest evidence of its quality and functions.

Kutia Bussines

Kutia Farmaci

Kutia Start

Kutia Pharma

Kutia Winline

Kutia Pos