Alpha Pharmacy is a management software for pharmacies. It is designed in accordance with ISKSH (Institute of Health Care Insurance) legislation and database. This software is essential for the management of all pharmacies contracted or not by ISKSH.

  • Control Inventory Levels for all medicaments and distinctive ones as well as warehouse movement for different time periods
  • Default list of reimbursement medicaments updated with 56 new medicaments according to the new list of April 2014.
  • Quickly record all prescriptions for medicaments with or without reimbursement.
  • Updated VAT legislation changes with 0% VAT for medicaments.
  • Quickly record purchases of drugs from pharmaceutical distributors with easy control of obligations towards them.

Modules: reports, Purchases & Sales, Inventory, Cash and Bank, Accounting, Archive, ISKSH Transferring Module.

Provided Services: software Installation, Training, and technical assistance to start working with the program. Free Users Manuals and Video Tutorials.

Key Features

Record Prescriptions, Purchase and Sales Invoices, Payments etc.

Alpha Pharmacy provides functions for recording all daily activities of a pharmacy:

  • Prescriptions with information about the doctor, medicaments, patient and reimbursement category.
  • Sales invoices with no reimbursement in a separate interface from the prescriptions with reimbursement.
  • Cash and Bank documents and payments

Monitor inventory movements and levels

With Alpha Pharmacy you can follow inventory movements with:

  • Detailed Reports for general inventory levels, for specific medicaments and for different periods of time.
  • Comprehensive and Analytical Reports with all Medicaments received and issued, with information about the date and time of purchase or sale, the price of medicaments and the quantities.
  • Notification reports for minimum and maximum inventory levels of medicaments.
  • Warehouse Reports for medicaments and their expiration dates.

Record full information for Medicaments

Alpha Farmaci ju ofron:

  • In a Medicaments File you can record: its code/barcode; series number, expiration date, reimbursement level, VAT for certain medicaments, main unit (tablet/ampule etc) and secondary unit (package, blister) etc.
  • The software provides a default list of all medicaments with reimbursement approved by the Institute of Health Care Insurance together with the 56 newly added medicaments.
  • You can assign different price levels for medicaments: full price, patient price etc, and they will automatically appear in the prescription (you can also add the price manually at the moment of sale).

Record full information for Patients

You can record all patient information and group them according to their reimbursement category.

Generate Standard Reports for Prescriptions with Reimbursement

Alpha Pharmacy provides reports for:

  • Complete Reimbursement Prescriptions List with full or partial reimbursement, for the given time period, categorized by patients, doctors and pharmacists who has done the recording.
  • Comprehensive reports per given period.
  • Prescriptions per given period.

Generate Other Reports for Medicaments without Reimbursement

Alpha Pharmacy provides reports for:

  • Purchases and Sales Reports (medicaments sold, sales per period, book of sales etc.)
  • Payment Obligations toward Pharmaceutical Distributors (supplier information, invoices and payments, supplier/customer obligations etc.)
  • Payments from clients and payments made to suppliers.
  • Accounting Reports (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow etc.)