Alpha Pharma is a financial program that integrates the process of producing, trading and accounting pharmaceutical articles in one place. This program helps you to manage your recipes, customers, suppliers, inventory and contains specific modules, like: production cost centers, payroll and amortization.

  • Check your company performance through specific warehouse reports.
  • Easily record your daily documents.
  • Administer specific information on pharmaceutical articles.
  • Check the inventory according to the expiration date.
  • Manage the drug production process.
Suitable for: pharmaceutical warehouses.

Modules: Reports, Accounting, Inventory, Purchases and Sales, Customers and Suppliers, Cash and Bank, Production, Cost Centers, Payroll, Amortization.

Offered service: installation, professional training on how to use the program, initial technical assistance to implement the program and configure it according to user requirements, video tutorials and other training materials.

Key Functions

Easily record your daily documents

Alpha Pharma contains sections to record all the daily documents of an activity, like: purchase invoices, duty free/paid, warehouse movements and transactions, cash/bank documents. There are prepared templates and the user have only to insert the specific data

Administer specific information on pharmaceutical articles

Using Alpha Pharma you can view and manage specific data for your articles, like: barcode, expiration date, information about refundable or not articles, VAT level and more. The user can control their drug through the expiration date and eliminate the expired articles, in order to avoid their sale

Manage the drug production process

Alpha Pharma’s production module enable the company to control and monitor the whole process. Generates reports for production, consumption of raw materials, losses, scrap, costs and contains various folders with raw material receipts and other costs

Is integrated with ISKSH program

Alpha Pharma enables the transfer and reporting of purchase invoices and sales invoices to ISKSH as this institution requires.

Check and analyze revenues and expenditures using cost centers

The cost center module provides an analytical accounting for each center, by allocating revenues and expenditures, tracking and comparing the performance achieved for each of the cost centers. Also enables the breakdown of cost centers up to 5 levels and offer a series of reports

Manage payroll, salaries, and employee data

Alpha Pharma contains even the payroll module that allows you to manage the payroll, employee data, salary’s components, insurances, returns etc. and automatically generate official forms of reports required by tax authorities


Technical requirements

  • Network program;
  • Online installation or using a CD given by us;
  • Operative system: Windows server 2003/2008;
  • Processor: Minimum Dual Core 2GHz, Ram 4 GB, recommended 8 GB;
  • Program database: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise (full), Sql Server 2008 R2 Standard or Enterprise;
  • Fully integrated with: printers, optical readers (scanners), fiscal boxes etc..