AlphaWEB Mobile finds use in all of those companies that have a direct mode of their sale process by going to the customer through their sales agents. It is made properly for distribution companies. The agents will have the possibility to register all their transactions using this app in real-time  and to upload them at the same time on AlphaWEB.


  • Works online via a 3G/4G network from any smartphone / tablet or palmer device that has the android system installed.
  • Facilitates the whole work process and improves communication between administrators and agents.
  • Works even offline, so when you don’t have an internet connection, all the data are saved and ready to be synchronized when you will be connected.
  • Sales managers are informed in a real-time basis, on bills, sales, payments, customer obligations, etc.
  • It is a flexible and customizable system.

Suitable for:  Trading, distribution companies and more.

AlphaWEB Mobile Modules

Sales module

Administration module

Receipts and Payments

Marketing module



Our offers consists in implementing the program, configuring different areas and roles, technical support via phone, email or other online tools, employees training, free automatic updates, help center.

 Flexible and customizable

The bills format can be modified as the user wants and is more comfortable with. He can add or remove new areas and functions choosing his favorite layout, his company logo, choose different filters in order to receive the report he needs and more. Every data is transferred automatically to the main system, AlphaWEB.


 Register sales and receipts invoices

Invoices are easily recorded based on AlphaWEB data. Sales agents collect the amount of money from their clients, register their orders on the application, but they are not accounted. Every action taken by the agents passes directly to AlphaWEB and then is accounted by the specific user on the system.

Control and define user’s tasks

User’s rights can be defined for every company or section within the program. Roles are created easily and then are linked with users. Also the administrator can control each document registered by the agent and the history between agents and clients. AlphaWEB Mobile provides even a tracking map for each agent, so you can monitor his job during the day.


CRM module

New customer information is registered in the AlphaWEB system and the sales agent is notified in his Mobile application for every specific update (price change, client information, new articles and more). For every single activity is shown the status of its completion, which is supplemented by agents and the program is displayed in different colors depending on the status.

 Manages the inventory

Converts sales documents as an exit order and the latter on the leaflet and also registers transfer documents from the warehouse.


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