Accounting & Finance

If you are e finance specialist and work for a commerce, production or service company – choose AlphaWeb Business. What are the main benefits for a finance specialist?

  • In a designated module you have all financial and accounting reports: Balance Sheet, Income Statement (2 official formats) Cash Flow (2 methods), General Ledger etc.
  • You can work with the current chart of accounts per National Accounting Standards.
  • You can add or modify accounts from the charts to fit the needs of your business.
  • You can use the default accounting schemes or record accounting transactions apart from the schemes.
  • You can record transactions in foreign currency and convert them in the main currency.
  • The default accounting schemes are updated every time there is a change in legislation.

What are the main benefits for Accountants and Accounting Offices?

  • You can work with several businesses simultaneously with no restrictions.
  • Accounting Module is attuned to various industries: commerce, production, constructions, services, NGO etc.
  • You can automatically import in the system the chart of accounts and their balance, therefore saving time.

What are the main benefits for a foreign company with a branch in Albania?

  • You can work with 3 accounting reporting plans simultaneously: one standard accounting plan (in compliance with National Albanian Standards), one plan for the Head Company (International Accounting Standard) and a third plan as needed (i.e Group Reporting Standards).
  • With AlphaWeb you can work anywhere with a simple internet connection.

What are the main benefits of a financial assistant that has difficulties recording accounting transactions?

  • Default accounting schemes for the majority of transactions: sales, purchases, payments, warehouse, payroll, production, amortization, cost centers, etc.
  • For each transaction the software generates an Accounting Transactions.